BrExit is a disaster. Fight to rejoin!

BrExit - "Vote Leave" Fake news campaign

BrExit - "Leave.EU" Fake news campaign

This is not democracy:

“If we get exactly what we want – a good strong deal – then I would struggle to find a reason to put that to a public vote,” she said on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. - Labour shadow business secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, who has expressed scepticism about a referendum.

Yet, the majority of the UK are now against Brexit:

Source: Business Insider

Of course, Nigel Farage doesn't like democracy:

Nigel Farage has conceded the Brexit party’s continued presence in those contests could lead to a hung parliament and a second referendum – the stopping of which was the “the single most important thing in our country”. (November 2019)

And why would that be, Nigel? Scared you'd democratically lose?

More ministers have resigned during Theresa May’s leadership than under any other recent British prime minister:

Sources: Graphic: The Guardian | Data: The Institute for Government. Note: Excludes reshuffles. Years in office: Thatcher 1979-90, Major 1990-97, Blair 1997-07, Brown 2007-10, Cameron 2010-16, May 2016-present